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With our PEOPLE who have professional backgrounds as Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors , Valuers, Economist, Accountants and IT specialists, we are able to provide solutions based on the practical needs of the Client and the objectives of the project.

Risk Management

HAPM have extensive experience on risk management. In fact, we conduct risk analysis studies on most of our projects to satisfy our own stringent requirements and limit risks. We believe that risk analysis is an essential tool to help us highlight and address problems before they happen, thus increasing confidence in the project. Unexpected problems are inevitable on any project, all of which will impact on quality, time and cost. Controlling the risks, both before and during the project, helps produce a satisfactory end result in terms of design, schedule and budget.

Quality Management

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customers are looking for value for money in their purchases. This means evidence of quality as well as competitive price. The changing marketplace means that a quality assured product and/or service to internationally recognised standards is becoming increasingly important and helps to maintain a competitive edge. We specialise in assisting companies achieve the internationally recognised ISO 9000 series quality system standards.

Programme Management

Our team of programme managers with experience in design and construction offer highly sophisticated control on all stages of the project. We work equally for end-user clients, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, giving an independent planning service. Since projects usually go wrong because of problems with information flow, we address this by constant communication with client, consultants and contractors to ensure the project proceeds according to plan. By programming and monitoring the flow of information, everyone is aware of their responsibilities and what deadlines must be met.

Information Technology

HAPM helps you select systems tailored to meet your organisation's requirements. We also periodically review the computer systems and multimedia that have been adopted to ensure they are keeping up with our requiremnts. We can also prepare procedural manuals and assist with the development of associated computer systems and multimedia.

Facilities Management

HAPM advantageous position as Project Manager is due to its involvement as Facilities Manager too. thus the completion of the project that we manage is ensured of efficient management service. There are three roles which constitute the management agenda for the Facilities Management

(a) Managing the mission
(b) Managing the business and
(c) Managing the assets.

The scope of Facilities Management covers all aspects of property, space and environmental control, health and safety and support services and require the appropriate control points to be established in the organisation.

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