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With our PEOPLE who have professional backgrounds as Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors , Valuers, Economist, Accountants and IT specialists, we are able to provide solutions based on the practical needs of the Client and the objectives of the project.

Value Management

HAPM can start the value management review at any stage of the design or construction process. Starting from a client design brief, HAPM teams of construction professionals determine whether the project is designed to maximise savings without compromising design integrity. Value management is the systematic and objective process of reviewing a project's design proposals in terms of form and function. HAPM have found that independent analysis of construction efficiency which trims unnecessary costs and maximises value for money. The client's original requirements regarding function, durability, appearance and marketability can therefore be met cost effectively. Our qualified value management consultants have conducted many VM studies, ranging from projects costing hundreds of Ringgit to multimillion Ringgit developments.

Litigation/Expert Witness

HAPM experience is increasingly sought after as a litigation witness specialist. We have an unambiguous and unemotional understanding of the design and construction process. HAPM can reconstruct and analyse complex building projects, giving a clear portrayal of what actually happened. We are familiar with the legal process and work closely with lawyers at all stages, from the examination and highlighting of key records to the preparation of Expert Reports. Our consultants are experts in their field, whether it be design, construction or overall master programming. HAPM's involvement will undoubtedly bring greater degree of clarity and certainty to your case.

Construction Management

Construction is becoming increasingly complex and costly. To build efficiently requires discipline among designers about buildability, discipline in integrating and managing site activities. HAPM acquired its construction management expertise from some of the largest and most challenging projects in the UK especially. Our managers equal spread from both consultancy and construction backgrounds. They have the advantage of being accessible to the software tools. Our facilitating issue of drawings, instruction approvals and the effects of variation orders on the overall budget and programme. Most importantly we know what is happening now, not a month ago, and we know the effect of today's decisions on the future

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